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We get thousands of deals in our network from our network members & external applications and then the best of those deals are circulated among the investors members according to the relevancy of their investment thesis using our software to match the relevant investor with relevant startups. We use our form to know the investment thesis of the investor to source relevant deals for them.

Lead & Co-Investors

If you are investing in a deal as a lead or co-investing in a deal and looking for a co-investor or lead investor respectively then we can help you find the right investor according to your preference by matching the investor you are looking for according to your criteria. 

Limited Partners

If you are a VC raising a fund and looking for LPs then we can find the right LP for your fund based on what all you are looking for in your potential Limited Partner.

Mergers & Acquisitions Opportunities

If any of your portfolio companies are looking for acquisition, IPO or a SPAC Merger then we can help them connect with the right M&A Brokerage or Listing Firms respectively from our network.

Portfolio Deal Fundraising

If any of your portfolio company is fundraising then we can help them find relevant strategic investors according to their criteria to selecting an investor.

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