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Who we are?

Global Investors Network is an established (and growing) network of investors globally. We're constantly searching for exciting Early- and Later-Stage companies who can benefit from our network's vast resources. Because of this large reach, we're able to leverage finances, expertise, vetting teams, educational opportunities, events, legislation initiatives, and more as we grow our local and state-wide economies. Additionally, we're always on the lookout for new members, so we invite both old and newly accredited investors to attend our meetings and get monthly deal flow via our monthly newsletter. If you're an entrepreneur looking to raise funding through a network of accredited Investors, we invite you to contact us and discuss whether your plans are a good fit for the network before going through our screening process.

​Along with their financial capital, our members also bring a high level of human capital to those companies in which they invest. Oftentimes, this translates into the mentoring and operational assistance needed to grow sustainable and successful businesses.​ Trust, focus, and impact are key tenets of our culture. Trust keeps us accountable to ourselves and our partners, and helps foster lasting relationships with people we work with. Focus applies to our discipline and our investment strategy – building small, focused portfolios allows us to keep a high bar, and dedicate more time to each of our investments. Finally, the desire to make a positive impact is why we have spent our careers investing and working in healthcare.

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How It Works

Schedule a meeting

Set up a meeting with our team on zoom. Be on time for the video meeting.

Fill the form

After the meeting receive an email with the membership form and deal flow circulated the current month. Fill the Membership Form.

Fill all the required information in the form so that we can share relevant deal flow with you every month.

Get monthly deal flow and other investors acces

After filling the membership form you will receive monthly vetted dealflow from us. Also if you need any co-investors or lead investors for portfolio startups or looking for potential LPs then directly reach out to us and then we will make relevant  introductions for you from our network.

Our network

100k+ Startups

6k+ Private Equity Firms

700+ Funds of Funds

1.4k+ Investment Banks

32000+ VCs & Angels

700+ M&A Firms 

Startup Health

Famous Members

Maple Tech VC
Cubit Ventures
2048 Ventures

Let's Connect

Contact us at for any queries or membership related information.

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